AHA Dive Centre was founded in 1995 with little more than a few dive instructors and big dreams. Whilst we have changed and grown over the years, we still pride ourselves on personalised dive training in all levels of training. We believe the rapport between student and instructor is very important and therefore match students and instructors who are compatible in terms of personality and learning style in order to create the best learning environment. We choose to have small groups in training consisting of 2-4 students per instructor and also offer private lessons for singles or couples. We believe that with this approach our divers are more comfortable and competent in the water, resulting in safer and happier divers.

Health & Diving Resources
Compiled from years of research and data analysis, these materials provide valuable information on topics critical to diver health and safety and address common issues encountered by new and experienced divers. The smart guides provide top-level and vital information on popular diving health and safety issues. The guides offer themed topics with universal appeal ranging from “How to Beat the Squeeze” and “Equalise like a Pro” to “Ways to Run out of Air and How Not To”. These essential resources are available to you as tools to help you enhance diving safety in the community.

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