Andre (or A1 on e-mails) is the founder of AHA Dive Centre and has been diving since 1994. In his first two years of diving Andre was hell-bent on becoming the best trainer and making diving his career. This meant that by his first diving anniversary he qualified his first student and by his second diving anniversary he qualified his first Instructor.

Andre has been unstoppable since, always wanting to learn more and experience more. Over the years Andre also has gained experience in open circuit and closed circuit decompression diving and is also an Instructor Trainer for DAN safety programs.

Favourite Dive Site: Ponta Ledge just off Ponta do Oura/Malongane. A beautiful reef lying at 45m. Serene and untouched.

Anna (also known as A2 on e-mails) has been diving since 2003 and has been a Recreational Instructor since 2006. Her field of expertise progressed to training Instructors in the recreational field from 2010 and expanding further to doing Technical training since 2015. She is also most likely the most excitable member of the team be it an open water training dive or a Deco60 celebratory dive, talk to her and you’ll see.

Favourite Dive Site: SS Carnatic in the Red Sea. Ask her about the epic miscommunication in hand signals for a good laugh.

Robert started diving in 2010 and kept it low key until February 2017, when he started up his dive professional journey.

During the course of this journey Robert also qualified as a Deco50 diver and in 2018 he qualified as Instructor and thoroughly enjoys training.

His favourite dive site is the Nungwe side of Zanzibar for the excellent
viz, clear warm water and LOTS of fish life. A very close second is the
Produce wreck at Aliwal Shoal because of the prettiness of the Produce and its fish life.

As instructor Robert can train from Open Water 20 to Rescue diver and a number of speciality courses too.

Tyrone started diving in 2003 and did his Dive Master course in 2010 while living in Asia. As a way of escaping the rigours of normal office work, he helped out as DM in his spare time.  In 2014 it was time for him further his journey as a dive professional by becoming an Instructor.  Always looking for new adventures and furthering his training, Tyrone did his rebreather diver course in 2016 and his Deco 50 course in 2018.  His latest achievement is qualifying as an instructor on the Poseidon rebreather.

His most memorable dive was off Sipadan island, diving with hammerheads in a tornado formation starting from 30m to the surface. Being in the middle of that watching them play can’t be topped by much.

On his bucket list is diving between the continents at Sylfra as well as a WWII submarine wreck off  Tioman Island.

Tyrone can train from Open Water 20 to Dive Master and a number of speciality courses on open circuit as well as Open Water to Rescue on closed-circuit rebreather.